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I think it’s important to know
who you are working with & something about them. 

I’m presuming you feel like me
so I made these videos to
introduce you to FINANCIER$.

For me, knowing something about the people I am working with makes working with them more interesting.   Also many times I find I have common backgrounds, friends, histories, or other commonalities which makes it easier to communicate.  

This helps me decide which company or person I’d rather work with & it really helps me understand how to relate to them so that they better understand my situation &/or issues.  

So to help you decide that it’s in your best interests to work with F$ here's a large part of our Back Story, and as you'll find out, it goes WAAAYYY back!   But this is no Fractured Fairy Tale like from the Rocky & Bullwinkle show with their Way Back Machine.    (Man, that really dates us!)

These videos are a little more than just an introduction to FINANCIER$, especially the 2nd one, we try to teach you something about the mortgage process and all the “little” things that make a difference in your being able to secure a loan.

When you’re through here go over to the other side of our website to learn more about the mechanics of a real estate transaction and the financing.  We’ve found the more you know and understand about the process the better it is for you and the fewer late night calls we get.


If we were Mortgage Super Heros, and we are, this is where you’d find out we’d been bitten by a radioactive spider or hit with a blast of Cosmic Radiation and became larger than life. None of that happened.  Hmmmm, I wonder if being dropped on my head as child counts?

We’ll try to show you Why we do What we do the Way we do it and How that benefits you.  You’ll find we’re different GOOD, not different STRANGE.

There was even a method to our madness when we designed our office.  It’s different too. We try to do better in all things.

We introduce you to “The Other Idiot Theory”, which I’ll bet you use too.

Debbie & David go WAAAYY back. We have been in real estate since 1974 which means we have a lot of real world experience. We've seen multiple recessions and interest rates ranging from 3% to 18%. Interestingly people seemed more eager to get those 18% rates than they have been to get these 3% rates.


Is more of the meat & potatoes. More of the worries that may be on your mind if you’re looking for a home loan.

We explain the loan approval process and get into credit and credit reports. We talk about credit issues and how we help all our people improve their situations so that they get lower interest rates &/or are able to get a loan when they otherwise couldn’t. 

Most lenders turn you away or turn you down if everything isn’t just perfect - WE DON’T!

We also talk about trained monkeys - I’ve had 3 of them in my lifetime.

I’m guessing there are others of you out there who’ve also had a trained monkey or two & I don’t mean husbands!

You’ll find the story of FINANCIER$ is not a Horatio Alger story, but what is nowadays?

Instead it's simply a story of hard work, good ethics, trying to do the right thing (yes, I know that's not popular anymore and many feel it's even corny, but it's what we do), attention to detail and spending the time to stay abreast of all the continuing changes so that we can continue to do the best job possible. We even get a little biblical towards the end.

One thing that really stands out in these videos is that instead of this just being a job to us, you'll find that we really enjoy the aspect of helping people get their dream home. It's downright fun and exciting for us to help people get into their homes! We sometimes work with people for years just to get them to the point they can finally have a home.

There's a whole lot more to buying a home than just the business angle and we try never to forget that. It's fun & exciting to us when you finally get the keys to your new home. We don't have quite as much fun as you, but we love being able to share in that excitement. It's what makes us keep doing this year after year.

We don't think the financing ought to
get in the way of the FUN of buying
or building a home!

We’ll work hard to become your lender for life. We've got people we've worked with for over 30 years - along with their family, friends & kids.

Lenders are tracked by the performance of their loans. Couple our exemplary record with our 30+ year history and that puts us in the top 10% nationwide.  

Being a Top Tier lender gives us options many regular lenders don't have regardless of their size or how long they’ve been in the business.  

Most lenders won’t take the extra time to just sit and listen to their customers and/or spend extra time educating Buyers about the real estate process. 

So go to the bathroom, grab a box of popcorn or a bar of chocolate and a drink, get comfortable and be prepared to be amazed!

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